Forthay Granola in Consommé Magazine.

Honey Products You Will Want To "Bee" All Yours

Honey is kind of having a moment right now, and this excites us here at Consommé. Not only is honey a truly delicious product that pairs with a multitude of different ingredients, but it also helps raise awareness for the bees and the delicate eco-system that they play a major role in. You’ve all heard the saying, that if the bees were to die - so would we. So, by treating your self to something super sweet, you are helping bee-keepers, honey-lovers and every one in-between keep the balance between the two. The world literally depends on you buying some of these delicious products. Can you feel that buzz of excitement in the air?! That’s because we have do we have some super sweet food and drink products for you that we know you are going to love just as much as we do.

Forthay Granola

Born from a consumer need during lockdown, Donna, the founder of a very successful B&B in the Cotswold Hills turned her hand to her beloved treasure to her guests - her delicious granola. Using all natural ingredients and focussing on a gluten-free and superfood content, Forthay Granola - which is made from nuts, dried fruit and honey (£12, for 2 450g bags, Forthay Granola) (among a few other secret ingredients) is a deliciously crunchy, sweet and oh-so-moorish granola that is worth getting out of bed for. It’s no surprise that they’ve won a Great Taste Award already they are truly one of the most delicious granola’s I’ve ever tried and could eat it by the bowlful - day and night.